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Most people use weak passwords that can be hacked using brute force attacks.

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How to Hack a Snapchat Account

Although on first look, it may look too complicated to hack an account on one of the most used apps in the world, it is not true in reality. In fact, hacking a snapchat account is just a matter of persistence.

We will try to explain to you why hacking is actually easy. Similar to all other apps and webapps, Snapchat hack has some degree of security that they use to keep snapchatters' account secure. However, the problem is not with snapchat themselves but with users of the service. Most of the time, people choose very easy passwords that can be guessed or cracked.

The responsibility to choose a good password rests upon the snapchatter and not snapchat. This is something that has been said many times in the news but snapchat hack users tend to be very young and may not read the news a lot. Even today, we hear of people using easy passwords for highly classified data. Most web users do not even imagine that someone may be after their data for them to use appropriately hard passwords.

In fact, recent news articles demonstrate that the most common password people choose in general tend to be the same '123456' and '123456789'. T be honest, some people even use the word 'password' as their password. You can consult the list of most common passwords by going to the telegraph article.

Exploiting the Loophole

A properly generated snapchat password takes a lot of time to crack. Sometimes, if the password is difficult enough, it will take years for a computer to find the matching combination (link). However, it is trivial for a computer to crack a snapchat password that has been chosen by a human being. The reason is that people are not creative or random enough in choosing the characters.

This method of hacking is known as brute force attack (link) and is very effective for taking hold of snapchat or other account login information. To illustrate to you how brute force attack is carried out, imagine someone trying to open a safe for which he does not know the code for. The only thing he can do is to try all combinations one after another until he gets to the right one. This hacking method has existed for years and is still very effective. You might remember the 2014 hack of celebrity which was a brute force attack.

To speed up things a little, we have a list which contain most common snapchat passwords used by people. This list is used to find the correct snapchat password. If the hacking script is not able to find the right combination from within that list, it will then find it from iterating over all other combinations possible. The most amazing thing is that the hacking software is able to add new passwords in the list as it discovers new ones that are used.

How It Works

1. Enter the Snapchat Username

Visit the snapchat hack page and insert the username of the target account. You do not need to enter anything else except the Snapchat username of the account. This is also known as the snapchat id by some people. Upon clicking the connect button, our scripts will send a bot who will try to find if the user exists. It will also determine if the account is hackable or not.

2. Check the account status

Once the bot has secured a connection with the account to hack, it will fetch all the required information ot needs from snapchat servers. This includes whether the snapchat account can be hacked or not. This is also a chance for you to verify if it is the correct account before the bots start hacking. If you have made a mistake in typing the account id, it will let you know that no user has been found and you will be able to select a different one to connect to.

3. Have the bots do the dirty work

Once you confirm get the confirmation that the account can be brute forced, you just have to wait for the scripts to run in the background. The hacking dashboard will display the current process being completed in real time. The waiting time for this process should be a few minutes if the password is of normal strength. If it is easier it can take much less time. However, we have had to crack some tougher passwords which took 17 minutes. Also make sure you are using a modern browser like chrome or firefox for this to work.

No Download Required - Online Snapchat Hack

As with all modern software, we have taken the initiative to make the program run on the web, without the need for you to download anything. This will prevent you from having to worry whether the snapchat hack software will run on your operating system whether MacOS, Windows or on mobile devices. This also saves us the headache of having to develop the same program for multiple platforms.

In addition, having an online snapchat hacker is advantageous to you as it helps protect your privacy better. It make tracking you as the person behind the hack impossible as we are hiding behind several proxies. This would be totally different on an installed app as you could easily be traced with your ip address in case you happen to be a little careless.

The online snapchat hack software only requires a snapchat username from you. The webapp then runs a series of internal scripts on our secured software to hack the snapchat account with that username. The first step is to obviously check whether the account has a vulnerable password. If so, then we proceed to the next step which is to find the appropriate password by brute forcing the snapchat account. You only need to wait for it to complete.

Obtaining the Password

Upon finding the correct password, the app will let you know that the password is available and deliver that to you automatically. The user info can then be used to log into the account that has just been hacked.

Why do People Hack Snapchat Accounts?

It may be true that some individuals hack snapchat accounts for fun or for bullying other people. But from the survey we conducted, we have found that the main reason for which people hack snapchat is to gain back access to their own account. They are not able to log in as they have lost their password and snapchat is not helping them recover their account. In a few instances, we have noted that it was their partner who broke up with them who messed with their passwords and they cannot login anymore.

Many others just wish to check what their children or their life partner is doing behind their back. We have received thankful notes of people who used our app and found that their children were conversing with potential rapist and we helped prevent wrong things happen. Hopefully it is nothing too serious in your case.